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Custom Bolting Solutions

PBL has been counted on to identify, design, and manufacture the solutions to complex bolting problems.

Superbolt Products

Superbolt Multi-Jackbolt Tensioners (MJTs) are ideal for many applications in Western Canada. They are the optimal bolting solution when efficiency, accuracy, safety, and reliability are necessary in tough environments.

Nord-Lock Products

As the inventor of wedge-locking washers, Nord-Lock® has a proven track record of providing the world’s most effective bolt securing solutions. Nord-Lock® washers are well suited for the severe Canadian environment and the stresses of high-vibration bolting applications.

Taper Line Products

Taper Line’s “self locking” products are secured to shafts, spindles and ball screws by a strong mechanical metal to metal locking feature. Precision Bolting Ltd. adapts Taper Line’s “press fit” effect to a number of other custom applications to increase the integrity of bolted joints.