Precision Bolting Ltd. has been trusted to solve complicated and critical problems across many industries. When the failure of bolted joints can result in millions of dollars in repairs, down-time, and lack of production, the pressure to do the job right is paramount. For this reason, many companies across many industries have trusted and relied on Precision Bolting Ltd. to keep their operation running smoothly by using Nord-Lock®, Superbolt® and Taper Line® products on their equipment.

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Precision Bolting Ltd. has been counted on to identify, design, and manufacture the solutions to complex bolting problems. Their engineering department will work closely with customers to identify the optimal solution for a variety of different applications. Because of this, customers can be confident that Precision Bolting Ltd.’s solutions will be effective in the field and eliminate the problems associated with other bolting methods.

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By offering simple solutions to complex bolting problems, Precision Bolting Ltd. has saved time, energy, and dollars for many companies. The use of Superbolt’s® Multi-Jackbolt tensioners saves time and increases safety when compared to hydraulic tensioners because they only require hand tools to install and do not require heavy machinery using hydraulic oil at very high pressures. Nord-Lock® washers save time because the need to re-tighten bolts is eliminated by the design of the washers.